Chipmunk Woodworkers Workshop

The Chipmunk Woodworkers Workshop is a weekend project-based program, which offers space for young people to explore their creative imagination, discovering their natural talents, while learning practical skills for years to come.

Youth Will:
  • Learn basic tool use/safety
  • Build a crossbox, toolbox and picture frame
  • Collaborate with peers on our final community project
Open to youth 10 and older.
6 youth max enrollment
This class is FREE to the public!
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Eventbrite - Chipmunk Woodworkers June/July 2014
Sewing with SanKore

Learn the skills you need to start creating your holiday gifts and costumes. 
This is a 6 week workshop, and in each class, students will produce an item 
for their own use; the skills for making these items will be explained in 
each class and will be cumulative.  Click here for more info.

Sankore' Trades & Arts
is a community space to heal, teach, and exchange through the trades and arts. Offering programs and services supported by local artists, healers, artisans, and teachers. We are committed to providing opportunities through exchange.

Sankore' Trades and Arts 
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